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moving to Spain Moving to Spain is a great opportunity to try out famous Spanish cuisine. Spain features a variety of dishes based on geography, culture, and climate, and heavily influenced by the country’s maritime roots.  However, there is one dish that seems to stand out: paella.  Hailing from the Valencia region, paella is a delicious dish full of many different ingredients made to be eaten at gatherings between family and friends.

Paella is essentially a rice base casserole with many other ingredients, notably olive oil and saffron, with a layer of toasted rice at the bottom called Socarrat.  This part is considered a delicacy and is essential to good paella.

There are three main types:
1. Valencian (traditional) paella – white rice, green veggies, mean (rabbit, chicken, duck, and/or land snails), beans, and seasoning
2. Seafood – replace land animals with prawns, shellfish and/or fish and omit beans and veggies
3. Mixed – combination of land/sea animals, veggies, and sometimes beans

Traditionally it is cooked by men over an open fire fueled by orange and pine branches, with pine cones tossed in. Guests would normally eat directly out of the paellera (the large pan the paella is cooked in). The largest paella was cooked on October 2, 2001, when soap company Fairy sponsored a paella that feed 110,000 people in Madrid, with the condition that the entire dish would be cleaned with just a 1 liter bottle of  Fairy dish soap.

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