Moving to Greece: Sightseeing

moving to greeceMoving to Greece is a dream for many girls. Legend has it that Athens’ naming rights were won when Athena conquered Poseidon’s well with a gift of an olive tree.  Stories like this from Greek Mythology permeate every square inch of this ancient city, making it one of the most beloved in the world.  With a history spanning over 3,400 years, Athens is one of the world’s oldest cities and the birthplace of Democracy and essentially Western Civilization as we know it.  


Anafiotika is a 19th century neighborhood situated on the slopes of the Acropolis Hill, built by stone masons from the island of Anafi.  Walking through the neighborhood one will see whitewashed walls covered in bougainvilleas, shadowed paths, and terrace walkways.  Island life is everywhere.

Plaka, another historical neighborhood, is located around the northern slope of the Acropolis.  It features labyrinth streets and neoclassical architecture.  It is rightfully nicknamed the “neighborhood of the Gods”.

Gazi is the nightlife center of Athens.  Experience the newly constructed Technopolis, a multi-use cultural and recreation center that has restaurants, bars, concerts, and exhibitions.



The Acropolis is the obvious destination for Athens first timers.  Literally, the “high city”, the Acropolis looms over Athens like an ancient King, watching over his people.  It consists of four main buildings: the Parthenon, Propylaea, Erechteum, and the Temple of Athena.  Be sure to eat at the museum restaurant as well.

Mount Lycabettus rises high above Athens and provides excellent views of the city and surrounding area.  For the adventurous souls, hiking is quite doable, or you can take the funicular for $8.  There is a restaurant and church at the top.

Thiseion Cinema, located on the south side of the Acropolis, is just one of many outdoor movie theatres showcasing classic Hollywood flicks every week.  There are many all over Athens, but this one is the best.

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