Moving to Luxembourg: Things to Do

moving to LuxembourgMoving to Luxembourg is a good opportunity to lean about the history. If there is one thing history has taught Luxembourg it is to be adaptable. Its strategic location in the middle of Europe has led to many sieges over the years, particularly in the medieval era. Because of this, one will find many beautiful castles in the Germanic and Latin styles. For the refined pallet, Luxembourg City offers 13 Michelin-starred restaurants and Moselle wines. Here are my three of my favorite things to do in Luxembourg.

Visit Old Town in Luxembourg City
Perched above the city, Old Town grew from a 10th century fortress, spreading across the valley and now connected by a network of bridges. Wenzel Walk will take you on a 2 hour walking tour of the city past all of the historic sections: cobbled streets, towers, churches, and palaces. At the center of town is the Place d’Armes, a charming town square. Explore the Chemin de la Corniche, the promenade looking over the countryside proclaimed ‘Europe’s most beautiful valley”.

Bike the Countryside
One of the most scenic countrysides in all of Europe, the beautiful, green hills have over 640km of marked cycling paths. The country is well connected by a series of trains, which will carry your bike for free if you get tired. With such a small population, the country has produced 4 tour de France winners which speaks for its quality of biking.

Dancing Procession of Echternach
The last running traditional dancing procession in Europe, the Echternach is a sight to behold. People travel from all over the world to watch and participate in this annual affair. Each year, thousands will dance around Luxembourg while waving white handkerchiefs in honor of an English monk Willibrord, Luxembourg’s patron saint, who founded Echternach Abbey in 698.

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