Moving to Melbourne: Moomba Festival

There are many great reasons for moving to Melbourne, one of which is the Moomba Festival.

The self-proclaimed culture capital of Australia, Melbourne is the birthplace of film and Australian Rules football.  One of the more well-known cultural events of Melbourne is the Moomba festival.  Moomba is Australia’s largest free community festival and one of the largest in the world.  Since 1954, Australians have been celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s first arrival to Melbourne.

In its early stages the festival helped the struggling inner city by bringing tourists and business.  People came from the suburbs and neighboring towns to be a part of the celebrations, breathing life into the city.  Since then the festival has grown to be quite a magnificent party, often drawing big-name guests like ABBA, AC/DC, and Paul Kelly to perform.

The festival always has the Moomba Parade as its defining event.  Hundreds of thousands of people come in for the elaborate pageant-style parade, with weeks and months of preparation put into some of the floats.  The King and Queen of Moomba are crowned at this time.

Moomba is constantly changing and evolving.  For 2013 we saw a plethora of programs and events under four core programs: Music, Kids, Water, and Youth.  The cornerstones of Moomba are the Opening Night Concert, the Birdman Rally, the Moomba Parade, and the Closing Night Concert.

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