Tips for Moving Abroad After College


You’ve spent 4 years shifting between late night parties and back-breaker exams. Now that you have completed juggling multiple tasks and reaching your goals, it is time to travel. Whether you have received an internship in Australia or just want to explore your options, always be prepared before plunging into a new land.

Find Purpose

As young adults finishing college, it can be difficult to truly gain a clear sense of self. Sometimes traveling is the best remedy. While abroad, spend some time volunteering and attend language classes to get a bit more educated. An internship is a solid choice and has been increasingly popular for newer graduates. This option allows you to become involved in the country you are living while also gaining experience in the workplace. Who knows, it could lead to a full-time job!

Plan the Travel Date in Advance…Way in Advance

After college, many people are low on funds, especially when in between jobs. This doesn’t mean you can’t travel however. Plan out your expenses including food, air fare, where you will be residing, bills and extra money for spending. Teaching English is a great way to earn extra money but you must go through the ESL process in advance for the proper training. Don’t choose a country that is too expensive, save that for later. Staying in hostels is also a wise choice and purchasing the ticket months before will lower costs tremendously.

Eat Within Your Budget

You may be looking to impress your new friends during your international move but it is not necessary to eat at fancy restaurants. Exploring the grocery store is quite the experience anyways! Think about it. You get to shop, talk and eat what the locals do. You will pay a cheaper price than dining out and feel like you’re becoming part of the community. Street vendors are a huge hit in Europe and sell healthy products at a low cost.

Keep Your Mind Open

Moving abroad is one of the most adrenaline pumping experiences, but do not expect everything to go as planned. If getting to an appointment on time can be interrupted with traffic, imagine all the delays with traveling. Remain calm before and during the trip or you’ll end up with tourists snapping photos of your panic attack. Think of this opportunity as a major life skill. Life throws you curveballs so you just have to go with it. Remember, even if you get held up, you are on your way to travel!

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