A country where history is all around you at all times, where art is life and everything is made with care and love. From the once great Roman empire to the Vatican City, from the Dolomites to the Trulli of Puglia, Italy has many places to visit and is a feast for the senses.

Moving to Italy from the USA is very easy.  I Love Moving send many shipments to Italy every year. Whether you’re moving to Italy for work, school, reuniting family or just going home, at I Love Moving, our goal is to make your move to Italy as simple as possible. We at I Love Moving will protect your valued possessions, making sure they are packed well, inventoried correctly, and you can be sure our destination agents in Italy will treat you with the same care and attention you get from us. We offer insurance options to cover for any accidents on the water or on the ground.

Italy is not that far away these days. Expect your shipment to arrive in 6-12 weeks, depending upon where in the USA you ship from, and the size of your shipment. We will be on top of your shipment from pickup to delivery.

You’ll be moving to place that’s very different from the USA and can expect to have some very special and unique experiences that will stay with you. Italy is a long thin country, with varied weather and landscape, Mountains pepper the country all the way though, active volcanoes, ancient ruins and gorgeous beaches. The food is very diverse and regional and not what you might expect, from the Austrian influences in Friuli, to the Moroccan and north African influences in the south and Sicily.

Many people are moving to Italy from the USA these days, often returning to their roots or their birthplace to reconnect with family and friends. There are many social welfare benefits to living in Italy. We at I Love Moving will take take of you and your goods, whether you’re moving to the Italy for a year, a few months, your retirement or just moving back to your homeland.