International Moving to the UK.

The UK (United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland or just Great Britain), is the largest English speaking country in Europe. The UK includes England, Wales and Scotland & Northern Ireland within its borders as well as a good number of small islands off its coasts.

Moving to the UK from the USA is very easy.  Being one of our most common destinations, I Love Moving send many shipments to the UK every year. Whether you’re moving to the UK for work, school, reuniting family or just going home, at I Love Moving, our goal is to make your move to the UK as simple as possible. We will protect your valued possessions, making sure they are packed well, inventoried correctly, and you can be sure our destination agents in the UK will treat you with the same care and attention you get from us. We offer insurance options to cover for any accidents on the water or on the ground.

The UK is not that far away, depending on where in the US you ship from, you can expect delivery in 4-6 weeks for a full container, 6-12 weeks if a smaller shipment in a grouped container. We will be on top of your shipment from pickup to delivery.

There is so much to see and do in the UK. It is rich with History and culture. London is home to some of the worlds finest museums and galleries. Football (know here as soccer) is a religion in the UK, and Liverpool FC are a legend unto themselves.

Rolls-Royce, Mclaren, Triumph & Range Rover are all UK companies, well know and revered around the world for luxury and sport.

British inventions include the telescope, jet & steam engine, electric motor, cement, radar, the telephone, television, photography, the computer & the World Wide Web, along with the basis of many the worlds most popular sports.

Once you’re in the UK, European transport can get you to many amazing capital cities in a few hours by air, or even to Paris and Brussels by Train in a just a few hours though the channel tunnel.

We at I Love Moving will take take of you and your goods, whether you’re moving to the UK for a year, a few months, your retirement or just moving back to your homeland.