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Malta is a densely populated, yet tiny country just off the coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea.  Malta gained independence from the UK in 1964 and eventually became a part of the European Union as its own republic.  Malta has a long relationship with Christianity, and Catholicism is still the primary relationship there. You may be happy to learn that Malta has a subtropical, Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers.  Malta’s primary resource is limestone, though in the past it had been cotton and tobacco.

If you’re international moving to Malta, you will be happy to know that Malta has no property tax!  Malta has a long history of providing healthcare to its people through government funded institutions.  Malta currently has a strong government supported healthcare system as well as a private healthcare sector.  Malta’s official language is Maltese and the secondary language is English.  Though it may be comforting to hear English being spoken in Malta, it is probably a good idea to learn Maltese as soon as you can after moving to Malta to help you better assimilate into the culture.

The currency used in Malta is the Euro, so you may want to speak with your I Love Shipping overseas moving coordinator to discuss how and when you should exchange your currency. Also, it’s a good idea to speak with your local Maltese Consulate regarding the different visas available and the criteria for qualifying for each.  Make sure you give yourself plenty of time prior to moving to Malta to apply for your visa as it can be quite a lengthy process.  If you are a citizen of a European Union country, you will be happy to hear that you will not need to apply for a visa to relocate to Malta.

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