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An Overview on International Moving to Switzerland

If you’re moving to Switzerland, you probably already know that it is renowned for their strong economy, particularly in regards to banking and the finance industry. You may be surprised to learn that Bern, not Zurich is the capital of Switzerland.

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International Moving to Switzerland Facts

There are three main languages spoken in Switzerland—German, French and Italian; Romanish is spoken as a secondary language to the three primary ones. If you are moving, it is a good idea to begin learning one or all of the primary languages. This will allow you to assimilate into the culture faster and will make your daily activities much simpler and less stressful. If you’re moving to this beautiful country, it is also great for those who enjoy winter sports. With some very impressive mountain ranges, Switzerland offers the perfect conditions for winter sports between the temperatures and impressive mountain ranges. Away from the Alps, however, summers in Switzerland do get fairly warm. It is probably good to note that if you are moving to this country, you can enjoy the benefits of a highly developed network of roads as well as public transportation options. Even the Alps cannot prevent you from traveling throughout Switzerland by train or by car. When moving, you should definitely consult your local Swiss Consulate on the requirements and procedures for obtaining a Swiss visa. Doing so will ensure that you are able to acquire one if necessary prior to your overseas moving date. If you need any assistance, your international relocation specialist is a wonderful resource that can attend to any of your questions or concerns.

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